Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, ADD, and the Special Education Child 
    Richard Evans

Through the Eyes of the LD Child

Richard Evans speaks on Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia from firsthand experience. Richard suffers from Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia. If he were a student in today's classroom, he would be classified as in need of Special Education services. Richard puts a unique insight into the way that some students view and function in the classroom.

Richard dropped out of high school 6 weeks before completing his Junior year in high school because he was frustrated with the environment that did not accept his inability to learn in the standard traditional way. But in 1985, Richard came to the realization that he was functionally illiterate and decided he wanted to change but did not know how. Through trial and error and long perseverance Richard found that he could function (not like other students) in an academic setting.

Richard hold a Bachelor of Science and Master in Education with a Mid Management certification from Angelo State University. He is presently attending Texas A&M University majoring in Special Education working toward a Ph. D. in Educational Psychology. Richard is certified to teach elementary
education, special education, and science and mathematics through 8th grade or I can be a Principal.

His target audience includes parents, teachers, administrators, youth groups and church congregations. He reaches and touches them by explaining some of the unique ways these students process and interpret information and how he has overcome these problems himself. He even speaks to students on the importance of understanding their unique differences and how to become successful in school. For more information on available speaking dates, please feel free to E-mail at raevans@raevans.com


Special Thanks to Susan Reeves at West Texas Rehab, Susan Arnold at Texas Rehabilitation Commission, Dr. Karen Clemons, Professor of Education, and most importantly is my wife Arlene Evans and my two sons, Chris and Ray Evans because without their help and patience, I would have never made it this far.


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